Friday, May 4, 2012

The home stretch

Even as I put these photos together I can't believe that we are almost there! The build out of La Casa Azul Bookstore is almost complete, what an incredible journey!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this possible: Founder's Circle members who gave to the campaign last Fall, friends and volunteers who cleaned, painted, installed the floor, assembled furniture - who brought snacks, music and energy just when I was ready to collapse from exhaustion - thank you! 

Bookstore friend and fans - thank you for the emails and words of encouragement that pushed me to keep going when I was too tired to move (seriously, sore muscles are not fun). 

To my design team- the bookstore that had been living in my journals, as sketches, notes and photographs is now real, and it looks exactly like what I had imagined.

My design dream team, Casa Latina!

Before Manny Vega's installation.

After Manny Vega's installation
Reading room - before
Reading room - after

LadyK Fever

Work in progress, LadyK Fever

Before tile counter top

After tile counter top!