Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book of the week: Havana Salsa by Viviana Carballo

Art brings our clever inner selves to life! 

In my opinion, art is everything from the way we speak, dress, walk, to the way the clouds are shaped.
Art means different things for everyone. So stop today by La Casa Azul Bookstore, enjoy your new book of the week, and let the magic of art transport you to the journey waiting to be explore.
- Yajaira

Title: Havana Salsa

Author: Viviana Carballo

Genre: Memoir/Biography (English)

 “A vibrant memoir by Carballo that focuses on her childhood, her eccentric family, and the food that nourished, delighted, and healed them.” (http://www.worldcat.org/title/havana-salsa-stories-and-recipes/oclc/67361487)

“Readers looking for standards like tostones and cubanos will be satisfied and then enchanted by unique recipes that could only come from Carballo’s experiences.” –New York Post

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