Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hidden gems: Papagayo, The Mischief Maker by Gerald McDermont

Feliz día everyone! 
Enjoying what is sure to be a great summer, we at La Casa AzulBookstore are always reading exciting new books. After all, school might be ending soon but that doesn’t mean we should forget to read. This week we have come across an interesting book, Papagayo, The Mischief Maker by Gerald McDermont.

Have you ever had neighbors that are rather noisy? Papagayo is just such a neighbor, always making loud noises and getting into mischief in the jungle. Night animals trying to sleep aren’t as amused as Papagayo is by all the racket and are always upset with him. However, when a new danger comes into the forest, it is up to Papagayo to save the day. The illustrations by McDermont remind me of Eric Carle, with his use of collages to create images. In Papagayo, we see a combination of bright colors that together evoke the richness of the jungle and make it a treat to see. 
Add that to the story which demonstrates the ability to turn something that many see to be a nuisance into something powerful that saves the day and you have a story that will not only entertain but give its audience a fresh perspective. This book is definitely on our list to read this summer.

Think this is a great book? Make sure to keep an eye for it and other great finds in our children’s section.

- Galia, Schools Program Coordinator

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