Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tune in to The Debrief, this Sunday 11/13 at noon

Today was awesome!
I was interviewed by David Ushery from NBC news about La Casa Azul Bookstore and the next steps in the campaign to open the bookstore.

This morning David and I met in East Harlem, near one of my favorite art pieces – Manny Vega’s mosaic of Julia de Burgos. It was perfect, because of Julia’s importance to El Barrio, and my own admiration of her work.

It was great speaking with David about the store’s next phase - tune in to The Debrief to find out what La Casa Azul Bookstore is doing now...

The Debrief airs Sunday November 13, 2011 on NBC

Can't wait to see it! 


  1. I saw this announcement on television and am awestruck by your dedication and perseverance. Kudos to you for getting what you wished and worked for!
    Will you be showcasing Latina authors in the future? I would love to find out how to set up a book signing or any other event for my novel, The Blue Brotherhood.
    Best of luck!
    Yokairy Tavarez