Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Book of the Week" at La Casa Azul Bookstore

Hello everyone! 
My name is Yajaira and I am an Operations Intern at La CasaAzul Bookstore. As an Operations Intern I help to plan and execute events such as story time, book clubs, author sessions in the store, sales, and other projects as assigned.

What I like the most about being an Operations Intern is that I have the opportunity to expand my horizons. I can come up with an intriguing idea today and tomorrow I will be executing that idea. Yes, it takes a lot of work and effort, but I get to challenge my capabilities and go in depth on what is it that I am trying to accomplish. And for an idealist such as myself to be able to push the envelope and achieve something extraordinary is just amazing!

I chose to work at La Casa Azul Bookstore because it is more than just a bookstore! It’s an establishment of hope among the Latin@ community. The bookstore represents the commencement of a new era of authentic modern and classic Latin literature. It carries out a legacy of unity among the community. It brings people together to make a difference, gives the community a very charming home full of the Latin culture essence, and wonderful reads! As a true believer of work ethic, I wanted to be part of something astonishing. I believe that if we come together, devote ourselves, and unify our forces to serve our communities, we will achieve a brighter tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what the issues are, as long as we focus on changing something for the better, we are making progress. I think of La Casa Azul Bookstore as a great source of enriching ourselves with knowledgeable books affiliated with Latin@ culture. 

I am a full-time student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, majoring in Forensic Psychology.What intrigues me about Forensic Psychology is that it is the intersection of psychology and the law. However, there are numerous of career paths one can take. In my case, after I have acquired my Forensic Psychology BA, I want to go to graduate school to get a Clinical Psychology PhD. As a Clinical Psychologist, I will be able to help people by assisting them with their emotional distress and be a college professor at the same time. I can just picture myself teaching and counseling, working with a diverse audience, and impacting their lives with my passion for progression.

But I have to say, if it wasn’t because of my hero (my mom), I do not know where would I be today. Though my mother was not able to pursue her educational aspirations, she taught me the most valuable skills in one’s life –how to speak, write, and read. Introducing me to the art of the written word, in which,everything imaginable is possible. And for that one gift alone, I could not be more grateful to her.

See, because of that, not only do I LOVE READING, I LOVE WRITING! I am passionately devoted into literature. I think of books as absolutely fascinating journeys just waiting to be explore by one. I came up with the amazing idea of having the book of the week.  In which, every week with the help of my lovely co-workers, we will feature a book that we truly enjoy according to our theme of the month.

Theme for July is “Storytelling.” Therefore, our selections for this month will solely be associated with storytelling.

What makes the particular theme of the month unique?
Storytelling brings out the most joyful memories of one’s life. In my case, storytelling reminds me of when I was a child and my mother used to tell me stories about fairy tales, which at that age I was completely amazed by them. I loved them! However, storytelling has its own meaning for everyone. So stop today by La Casa Azul Bookstore, enjoy your new book of the week, and let the magic of storytelling transport you to the journey waiting to be explore.

Stay tuned for the weekly selections that La Casa Azul Bookstore will feature and share some of your thoughts on storytelling!

Our first Book of the Week selection will be posted on Tuesday July 3rd. 

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