Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hidden Gems: Mariana and the Merchild: A Folktale from Chile

Happy Tuesday!

Here at La Casa Azul Bookstore we are kicking off another great week, happily enjoying the warmer weather and reading books in our lovely patio. As always we will begin the week by reviewing another great children’s book.
This week’s book is Mariana and the Merchild: A Folktale from Chile by Caroline Pitcher, illustrated by Jackie Morris.

In this story we are introduced to Mariana, a woman lonesome and childless, feared by the children of the village. Having relied on the sea for everything, from food to materials she one day finds a merchild inside a crab. What follows is a story of love, selflessness and appreciation for those that are different from us as well as the lesson of letting go. Morris’ illustrations are vibrant, filled with strong colors that convey a rustic feel, lending life to the story.

 One of the reasons I love reading this book to children, besides the many moral lessons it carries is because it is one of the few books I have come across that tells a folktale from Chile. This leads to talks about the country itself, the importance of the sea to Chile and about South America as a whole. I would definitely recommend this for any children’s book collection that focuses on broadening a child’s mind.

Think this is a great book? Make sure to keep an eye for it and other great finds in our children’s section.

- Galia, Schools Program Coordinator

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