Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hidden Gems: Maria Had a Little Llama / María Tenía Una Llamita

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Welcome to another edition of Hidden Gems. This week we will be reading Maria Had a Little Llama / María Tenía Una Llamita written and illustrated by Angela Dominguez.

Angela takes a children’s classic and remakes it into a wonderful alternative rhyme that tells the story of Maria and her llama. What I love more than anything about Maria Had a Little Llama is the beautiful illustrations. Being from Bolivia myself I love how the book’s illustrations transport the reader to the Andes, giving a glimpse into a very rich and vibrant culture. 

Angela Dominguez in this story is able to introduce even the youngest of readers to the majesty of the Andes mountains, and to a spunky little girl that shares an amazing bond with her pet. The fact that it is also bilingual is icing on the sweet treat that is this amazing book. Definitely a must have for any great children’s book collection.

Love this book as much as we do?
Stop by our booth at the Brooklyn Book Festival (booth 227) this Sunday, September 21st to meet Angel Dominguez and other amazing authors!

- Galia, Schools Program Coordinator

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