Tuesday, September 27, 2011

La Casa Azul Bookstore hosts Esmeralda Santiago

3 years ago I walked into El Museo del Barrio to introduce the recently launched bookstore website and to speak of possible collaboration with El Museo. Within an hour of meeting with the Director of Education and Public Programs – we had established IN OUR LINGO. This book club was unlike any other book club because the author would be present! It was a great opportunity for book lovers to meet their favorite authors, and to learn about up and coming writers. We began with one author a month, and eventually invited 2 authors a month because we want to feature as many Latino writers as possible. On average the meetings drew 12-20 people, an intimate gathering with an author – it was always a monthly highlight for me.

Tomorrow we celebrate the IN OUR LINGO’s 3 year anniversary with Esmeralda Santiago. It is truly an honor to host her, and I invite you to join us for the last IN OUR LINGO of the season.  (http://www.elmuseo.org/en/event/our-lingo-esmeralda-santiago)

El Museo del Barrio was the first organization that La Casa Azul Bookstore partnered with, and it had been a remarkable collaboration. THANK YOU Gonzalo for giving La Casa Azul Bookstore the opportunity it was looking for – here’s to many more years of partnership.

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80 people have contributed to the 40K in 40 days campaign! 

Mil gracias a tod@s! 

Newest Founder’s Circle members: 
M. Lucero Ortiz
Rafael Morales
Janet Geddis
Danny Martinez
Sarah Garza
Veronica Lui
Francisco Aragon
Jazmon Chavez
Rosanna Tirrito
Rebecca Doherty
Jennifer Becerra
Tran Templeton
Matthew Miller
James Estrella
Magdalena Saucedo
Cly Johnson
Dionisia Garcia
Gonzalo Casals
Lixel Marroquin
Cemile Guldal
Fabiola Carrion
Jennifer Kuida
Carmen Iniguez
Jose Stevenson
Arlene Davila
Nancy Ruffin
Martin Kaplan
Dawn Reshen-Doty
Denisse Andrade

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