Saturday, October 22, 2011

La Casa Azul Bookstore, East Harlem Bi-Cultural Bookstore, Needs Your Help

Huffington Post featured Aurora Anaya-Cerda &
La Casa Azul Bookstore!  
La Casa Azul Bookstore, East Harlem Bi-Cultural Bookstore, Needs Your Help

“Bookstores have closed – and there’s no denying that – but bookstores have also opened throughout the years, and many of them have become very successful,” she said. “I’m looking to those for inspiration.”

Anaya-Cerda was raised by her mother, who immigrated from Mexico and worked as a seamstress in East L.A. She said she learned the importance of reading early. “My mom taught me how important reading and school was,” she said. “She taught me to love reading... And I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. Out of 22 grand children, I was the first.”

For Cerda, La Casa Azul is a means of promoting bi-culturalism through the written word in a community she believes desperately needs an influx of vibrant local businesses.
“I’m bi-cultural,” she said. “I’m a first generation Chicana. I can read and speak in both languages, and I know the value of being part of both cultures. We’ll be selling books for kids to read in both English and Spanish, and promoting the preservation of Latino language and culture.”



I am deeply grateful for your support and generosity. Your contribution to the 40Kin40days campaign means that you want to see an independent bookstore in East Harlem and that you believe in the mission of La Casa Azul Bookstore. 

Every contribution and message posted is a reminder to keep moving forward - thank you for believing in me.

Welcome to the Founder’s Circle:
Adelina Anthony
Aldo Gonzalez
Alexandro Hernandez
Gloria Rodriguez
Ivan Sanchez
Julia Carias
Katherine Benson
Lillian Leathers
Luz Felix-Marquez
Massiel Torres
Michael Regan
Michael Rodriguez
Nicole Vasquez
Rosa Bonilla-Gomez
Victoria Trinder

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