Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We did it!

Determined to have a place in East Harlem for books, authors and the community to come together - I began my adventure to open La Casa Azul in the Spring of 2006.  For 5 years I have immersed myself in the book industry world. I have visited every bookstore possible, spoken to publishers, authors and bookstore owners.  
There have been many highlights and some challenges. Several times I felt like walking away - but giving up felt worse than moving forward. 

As I prepare to open La Casa Azul Bookstore, I look forward to many amazing experiences. I know that challenges will arise - but I am sure I won't regret a single part of this adventure.   

Thank you for believing in me, La Casa Azul Bookstore will finally have a home. 

Aurora Anaya-Cerda

Celebrating the campaign's success! 
  • 395 people contributed to the online campaign
  • $32,235 raised via IndieGogo (online contributions)
  • $1,367 in cash/checks (direct contributions)
  • $40,000 match

Stay connected to what La Casa Azul Bookstore is doing as it prepares to open in East Harlem. Photos, videos and blog entries will be posted on the Lucha Libros blog. 

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