Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet the newest members of the Founder's Circle

I am deeply grateful for your support and generosity. Your contribution to the 40Kin40days campaign means that you want to see an independent bookstore in East Harlem and that you believe in the mission of La Casa Azul Bookstore. 

Every contribution and message posted is a reminder to keep moving forward - thank you for believing in me. 

Welcome to the Founder's Circle:

Adriana Dominguez
Adriana Lopez
Amy Cavazos
Anayvette Martinez
Beatriz Ruiz
Carla Godoy
Carmen Mojica Fabian
Diana Caba
Elizabeth Sevilla
Hillary Hattenbach
Ignacio Garcia
Ingrid Sotelo
Ivy Garcia
Janet Aiello
Jessica Donovan
Joseph Silber
Josephine Mangual
Karen Badenoch
Laura Rios
Leilani Lafaurie
Lu Torres
Mairelys Alberto
Marcial Garcia
Michelle Garcia
Monica Amaro
Nancy Mercado
Nikki Beauchamp
Patrick McEvoy
Paul Wiener
Paulina Perera-Riveroll
Peggy Robles
Peter Kane
Peter Velazquez
Sahara Baquedano
Salvador Cerda
Sam Potts
Sandra Arias
Sarah Farzam
Scott Edwards
Susan del Valle
Sylvia Hernandez
Tanya Saracho
Terell Richardson
Wilda Escar Fuller
Ximena Diego
Yolanda Guadarrama

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