Thursday, October 20, 2011

La Casa Azul Bookstore in 'BOOKSELLING THIS WEEK'

Campaign to Open East Harlem Bookstore Gains Momentum
By Elizabeth Knapp on Thursday, Oct 20, 2011

Anaya-Cerda knows that it takes more than seed money to open a bookstore, and she is committed to learning as much about current trends in bookselling as possible before opening her store. To prepare for this venture, she has been attending workshops and reading about the book industry on a regular basis. She has worked and volunteered in five bookstores, taken countless business classes, and attended bookselling school twice. She has traveled the country meeting booksellers and studying business models, establishing relationships with publishers and authors nationwide.

The response from the community has been incredibly positive and supportive,” said Anaya-Cerda. “Many contributors can’t wait to have an independent bookstore in their neighborhood and have already offered to volunteer at the store. Book lovers, teachers, and authors are waiting for the store to open.”



Contributions are coming in from New York to California, Australia, Peru, Korea, and UK!
I am deeply grateful for your support and generosity. Your contribution to the 40Kin40days campaign means that you want to see an independent bookstore in East Harlem and that you believe in the mission of La Casa Azul Bookstore. 

Every contribution and message posted is a reminder to keep moving forward - thank you for believing in me.

Welcome to the Founder’s Circle:
Carla Moscoso
Dolores Prida
Eileen Reyes Arias
Guadalupe Carrilo
Guadalupe Verdin
Jo Umans
Kesi Foster
Lina Puerta
Stephanie Anderson

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